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Park Ridge is increasingly becoming the ‘place to watch’

As the South East Queensland hotspots of Brisbane and the Gold Coast become harder to penetrate, Logan is increasingly becoming the ‘place to watch’, where a mix of affordability, job growth and infrastructure investment is underway.

Park Ridge is part of Logan City, nestled in South East Queensland, south of Brisbane and north of the Gold Coast. The area is known as the Logan growth corridor and is driving South East Queensland’s population growth, expected to leap to 586,000 from the current 313,800 by 2041 (Kerr 2018).

The Queensland Government’s ShapingSEQ plan has dictated that Logan City Council need to provide 89,000 new dwellings by 2041, the majority of which will be centred around Park Ridge, Yarrabilba, Greater Flagstone, Meadowbrook, Bahrs Scrub and Greenbank.

A solid pipeline of residential development is in place to accommodate this population growth.

The combination of affordable property prices, a solid pipeline of development and new infrastructure, and its proximity to job hubs is making Park Ridge an ideal choice for new residents.

Given its central geographic location and high proportion of families, Park Ridge is ideally placed for continued growth.

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