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The Australian Family Owned

Property Investment Service

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About Us

For the past 20 years, Steve and Sharyn Scott have helped over 1,600 Australians to build their property portfolio.


Their love and knowledge of property has enabled financial independence and a secure future for many.


The extensive range of testimonials are just a glimpse of the successes achieved by regular investors.


Discuss your goals and lets see what steps are available to move you towards financial freedom.

Fuelled By Passion

Culture, Values & Team

Built On Ethics

& The Power Of Happy Clients

With a variety of backgrounds in consulting, banking, accounting and developments, the Investors Choice Group consists of an experienced team of friendly professionals.


Most of our staff have been working specifically with

investment properties for over a decade, giving the Investors Choice Group a competitve advantage of know-how and experience in a unique industry.

Investors Choice Group


Investors Choice Group founders, Steve and Sharyn Scott have worked together since 2002 and successfully helped over 1,600 clients on their path to a secure financial future.


It is quite rare to see husband and wife working together successfully, but Steve and Sharyn share a passion for excellence and work tirelessly toward that end.

Steve & Sharyn Scott

In their hands-on approach and dedication to making our client's happy is why you will see them with clients on 'Property Days', on-site talking to builders about their clients properties, right through to and beyond handover day when when the client's property is complete.


Their philosophy to having a happy business and personal life is that it must be built upon sound ethics.  Our team members are looked after and helped towards success; as a buy product of this, Investors Choice Group has happy clients with great property investments who use our services many times and always receive the best service possible.

Carey Watkins  R.I.P. Dec, 2016.  Will be missed by us all.

With an extensive business and customer service background spanning thirty years, Carey for the past nine years has successfully fulfilled the role as Senior Property Investment Specialist under the leadership of Steve Scott. (Owner and founder of Investors Choice Group)


Carey specialises in liasing with clients in the comfort of their own homes, sharing the possibilities of structuring investment property portfolios simply, safely and affordably to meet both their current and future financial needs.

John Fownes

Coming from a customer service driven position with Qantas airways spanning over 27 years, John was approached to consider a position in sales resulting in his acceptance of redundancy allowing Him to pursue his passion for Real estate and finance in 2012.

John prides himself in his ability to think outside the square and is often described as a very straight forward, positive and approachable person with an a ability to communicate with everyone pretty much about anything.

John likes to offer his clients the opportunity to work smarter rather than harder in creating their financial security for the future .

Stirling Donaldson

Stirling Donaldson is a family man with four sons and ten grandchildren.


He has a degree in education & training and an impressive business background. Since 2012, Stirling has provided In-Home services throughout Australia, to enable people to become mortgage free while building wealth to a secure retirement.


He is passionate about Property Investment and enjoys helping people overcome any fears through building their knowledge and understanding by simply explaining the options and investment strategies provided by the Investors Choice Group.

Jessica Connolly

Steve says, Jessica is the world's best Personal Assistant.


Since 2013, Jessica has been working closely with Steve & Sharyn in all aspects of the family business and has become a huge benefit to the company.


Her role has changed a lot since starting and now also involves working closely with Michele, our Marketing Manager and Manager of our Call Centre Team.


Jessica is now running our human resources and accounting control.

Renae Matuszynski - Client Services

Renae and Steve first worked together in 2004.


When Steve and Sharyn first started the Company, Renae was one of the first on the phone letting them know they couldn't do without her.


Her role within Investors Choice Group is to ensure a smooth process for our clients.  


Renae is always there to help our clients with any questions they may have or help with paperwork, ensuring our clients have contact and feel a part of the Investors Choice Group experience.

Renae is now involved in monitoring our builders and checking their quality control, then managing client handovers of their finished Investment Properties.


Industry Professionals

As the director of Manhire & Associates Finance, Natashia offers a complete range of mortgage services.


Working closely with Investors Choice Group, Manhire & Associates Finance will help you navigate through the competitive and ever-changing mortgage landscape to find the right loan for you.


Natashia brings a wealth of experience to the Investors Choice Group Affiliates Team, offering the friendliest of service, with an ability to explain the intricate details of finance in a clear and easy to undertstand manner 

Natashia Manhire - Manhire & Associates

Jessica Rawson - Manhire & Associates

With extensive qualifications and several years full time experience within the finance industry, Jessica displays a natural ability and interest for all areas of finance.


Jessica specialises in investment property mortgage finance with additional expertise in financial advice, home loans, debt consolidation and refinancing.


With an polite and positive personality, Jessica is a young professional with a bright future.

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Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned property investor, we would love to help you formulate an investment strategy or do a review of your existing portfolio and then help you acquire your investment property.


Please take a moment to briefly tell us what you are seeking and we will be in contact with you shortly.

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Whether you are a beginner or seasoned

property investor, we would love to help

you formulate an investment strategy

or do a review of your existing portfolio

and then help you acquire your

investment property.


Please take a moment to briefly tell us

what you are seeking and we will be in contact with you shortly, or call us on 1300 482 289

or email myself directly at:

1300  482 289

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