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"With You

 Every Step

 Of The Way"

Why Choose

Investors Choice Group

1 On 1 Service

"How Investors Choice Group

 Can Help You Select An

 Investment Property"

We have an extensive network of affiliates including finance companies, finance strategists, accountants, tax specialists, legal firms, financial planners, builders, developers, quantitive surveyors, insurance specialists and property managers, allowing us to give our clients the best possible assistance every step of the way.


Through constant research and analysis, we are always ahead of property market cycles and trends ensuring you

of the best property opportunities.

We help you find the right property in the best location

for your investment.


Through our builder / Development partners, we have access to the very best investment product in high growth areas.


These are chosen by following regional and town plans, urban renewal precincts, future master plans, statistical

and demographic reports, future industrial area plans

and sustainability and economic reports amongst others.

A Team Of Experts

"Providing You

 With A Wealth Of Knowledge

Step By Step

The only real risk for new property investors

is trying to do it all alone.


It is easy to make costly mistakes through a lack

of knowledge and most people do not have the time

to do the necessary research.


At Investors Choice Group we have selected a team

of affiliate experts with a proven track record to provide you

with a wealth of knowledge, experience and all the support you would need.

Become A Successful

Property Investor.... Avoid The Pitfalls

  • We offer a step by step investment process


This is specifically designed to suit each individual investor.


  • No Fees


Our services are absolutely free, Investors Choice Group clients are not charged any fees by us.


If you were to select an investment, we would get paid

by the builder or supplier of whichever investment

you choose.

Can You Afford

Not To Do It?

For $8 Per Day

You Could Secure

Your Family's Financial Future

Accumulate 2, 5, 10 Or 20

Ever wondered how ordinary working Australian's are able to accumulate 2, 5, 10 or even 20 investment properties?


Most people find it too daunting to invest in property

because they think it is just too difficult and complicated,

or they simply can not afford it.


Neither could be further from the truth with the guidance and support from Investors Choice group.


You can purchase investment property or properties

for a surprisingly low weekly outlay.

You Do Not Pay

For Our Expertise Or Services

Owning property has always been "The Great Australian Dream" and Investors Choice Group can help turn

that dream into reality.


We can show you how to fit all the pieces of the puzzle together and create the income needed for you and your family's future financial independence...


in a SIMPLE & SAFE way.


Our services are ABSOLUTELY FREE!


Investors Choice Group clients are not charged any fees

by us.


If you were to select an investment property,

we would get paid by the builder or supplier of whichever investment you choose.

The Dream Into Reality

Just A Few Examples

Of How investors Choice Group

Create Savings & Opportunity


Like You

The Dream Into Reality

If yourself and or with your partner,

earn above 80k a year and have equity in your home,

you may be able to purchase investment property

for as little as $8 per day.


  • Get Into the 'HOT' In Demand Areas


  • Saving up to $30,000 on the very first move.


This is just one example of how the thorough and respected expertise of Steve and Sharyn Scott personally deliver genuinely exciting growth opportunities,

build quality and future growth.

"Steve & Sharyn's knowledge of the market and the expertise of the team of people they have put in place, has made the whole process unerstandable and pain free"

Bill Frith

It's Worked

For Me

Every Mission

Has A Starting Point

Make The Dream


Every mission has a starting point...


A First STEP


For you, this means discussing your goals with an experienced professional.


Contact Investors Choice Group today

for an obligation free discussion

on "What's POSSIBLE".


Our services are completely free

and give you the opportunity to learn,

and avoid the pitfalls.

Investor Enquiry

Why not book an OBLIGATION FREE 

Wealth Planning Strategy Session

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Whether you are a beginner or seasoned property investor, we would love to help you formulate an investment strategy or do a review of your existing portfolio and then help you acquire your

investment property.


Please take a moment to briefly tell us what you are seeking and we will be in contact with you shortly, or call us on 1300 482 289

or email myself directly at:

1300  482 289

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