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  • Stamp Duty (Also Called Transfer Duty)


A state government tax on the transfer of property

calculated on the value of the property.


  • Certificate Of Title


The document of title to land held under the Torrens Title

system.  It shows who owns the land, and whether it is

subject to mortgage, lease, easement or any other dealing,

which may adversely affect a potential buyer.


  • Conveyancing


The process that legally transfers property ownership

from one entity to another.



& Report's

  • Group Title


Similar to freehold except that title also includes common property owned jointly.

This must involve a body corporate.  Each lot has its own certificate of title and a registered number of entitlements.

Entitlements include voting rights and contribution of levies to the body corporate.  

These may not always be equal.  The body corporate owns roads, common areas, facilities and equipment supplied. 


  • Joint Tenants


Each owner has equal shares and rights in property.


  • RP (Registered Plan)


Plan number in the Titles Office.

The RP number is the sub-division plan, which includes the dimensions and details of the particular parcel of land.


  • RPD (Real Property Description)


Method of describing a particular parcel of land.

For example, Lot 3 on RP 546789 identifies the plan number and then the particular lot number.

A plan search at the Titles Office would give an agent or a potential buyer a copy of the sub-divisional plan

and the dimensions of each lot on the plan.

  • Settlement


Occurs when the buyer becomes entitled to possession of the property.

A formal settlement occurs when the owners hand to the buyer the executed transfer documents

and the Certificate of Title in exchange for payment of the balance of purchased monies. 


  • Tenants In Common


Two or more buyers own a property with unequal shares and rights.


  • Title Deed


Document showing ownership of property.

Also records details of any mortgage, encumbrance and area.


  • Transfer


The document used to transfer the interests of a registered proprietor to a purchaser by means of lodgement

at, and acceptance by the titles office.



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