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Gold Coast on fast road to a million

THE Gold Coast will be at the forefront of southeast Queenslands massive population increase,

Accommodating the extra people will require 794,000 new homes!

MORE than five million people will live in southeast Queensland within five years according to new population data and the Gold Coast will be growing dramatically


  • Gold Coast to be at the forefront of SEQld huge population increase with an extra $2million people to live in the region within 25years

  • Gold Coast current population of 650,000 will leap by 427,000 or 76% to an estimate 100million by 2034, nearly a decade earlier than previous forecasts

  • Members of council are backing more transport funding – extension of Light Rail and Ferry Service forecast to be operation by Xmas 2019.

  • SEQld will grow by about 80,000 people per year – twice the rate of OECD countries

  • Accommodating the extra people will require 794,000 new homes!

Source: Gold Coast Bulletin.

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