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  • Building Approval


The number of dwellings approved to be constructed

in a given month, quarter or year.


  • Final Inspection Report


A certification issued by a local council or building inspector

that building works for a home are complete

and the home is ready to be lived in .


  • Right Of Way


A person may have a right to cross your property

to gain access to his / her own property or there may be

a public pathway across the land.



& Report's

  • Square


An old imperial unit of area measurement.

1 square = 10 feet x 10 feet in area, which in metric measure

is equivalent to 9.29m squared.


  • Strata Title


System of land title based on the horizontal sub-division of air space whereby all the owners combined

own the land, but have absolute right to sell / transfer their strata-titled property to a new owner.

The most common form of strata title is a home unit .


  • Subdivision


A parcel of land divided into individual lots.


  • Urban Renewal


The process of rehabilitating urban (city) areas, by demolishing, remodelling or repairing existing structures

and buildings, public building, parks, roadways and individual areas on cleared sites in accordance

with a more or less comprehensive plan.



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